• New version is out - includes AudioBus, AudioCopy and Dropbox.

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    We've released the latest 1.4 version of Stereosun. Here is a full list of features with new ones coming your way.

    New features: ○ Add new tracks from your Dropbox ○ Paste audio files via AudioCopy ○ Reroute your output via AudioBus Other features: ○ A new approach to DJing and live performance for producers ○ Up to 6 playing tracks ○ One gesture volume and FX control ○ Combinations of different effects (Delay, Reverb, Roll, HightPass, LowPass and Flanger) ○ Automatic Beat/Tempo Detection ○ Integrated Auto-Gain ○ Pitch Bend & Tempo Control ○ On-The-Fly Loops & CUEs ○ Multiple

  • Get to know Stereosun

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    We were busy preparing tutorial videos and some app upgrades.

    We hope we can come out of the beta period soon with version 1.4. It will have Dropbox, Audiobus and AudioCopy implemented and we hope we can pull this off in September.

    The current version is 1.3.5 and the tutorials are available on our YouTube channel:



  • 1.3.3: Record and save your sets!

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    Good two weeks passed since our last update - we decided to do a little more for 1.3.3.

    You can now record your sets easily by opening the left sidebar. Sets are saved as wav files into your iTunes File Sharing. Stereosun also gives you the info on how much time you have left when recording.

    Auto-scan for tracks in your Library is also implemented.

    We have upgraded to the new version of the Superpowered Sound Engine - they've improved time stretching and some other things as well.


    We are already working on the next version, you will be hearing from us

  • 1.3.2 is online!

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    Version 1.3.2 has been published. 

    Some improvements on the UI have been made (beat grid adjustments), some effects have been improved and minor bugs have been fixed so you can have a better experience.


    We are currently in the phase of testing the Recording function so it will be included in 1.3.3 which will soon be ready.

  • Update 1.3.1

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    We released a quick update today.

    We fixed the bug that appeared on some devices (iPad Air) and led to some tracks not being analysed.

    Also some other bug fixes and UI improvements were added.


  • Stereosun 1.3 is live on the App store!

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    We are thrilled to announce our first release! Stereosun is finally up and running on the App store.

    You can download it here: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id989174876

    Our goal (apart from the concept) was to make a version that wouldn't crash and according to all the tests the app works smoothly. Currently, Stereosun runs on the iPad - iOS 7.0 and everything above.

    We are looking forward to doing new upgrades and user interface tweaks. Tutorial videos are also on the way so stay tuned!