Knowledge Base

  • Where are my recorded sets?

    Recorded sets are saved into your iTunes File Sharing. You can access them via your playlists on the right or iTunes:

    1. Open iTunes and click on your device.

    2. Click on Apps on the left.

    3. Scroll down to the iTunes File Sharing section and drag&drop the set you want to your Desktop (sets start with "StereoSun_").

    If you are still having trouble finding iTunes File Sharing check out this link:

    To delete a recorded set, click on it in iTunes File Sharing and press delete on your keyboard.

  • Syncing and un-syncing tracks

    All tracks are synced to the master BPM by default. The master BPM is located in a form of a circle on the right side of the board.

    To unsync a track, hold the master BPM and press the track. The middle of the track will turn into a brighter colour - this means the track is not synced anymore.

    To sync the track again, repeat the gesture above.

  • How do I remove a track from the board?

    It is simple - the opposite of what you do when you load the track from your playlist.

    1. Open the left or right sidebar.

    2. Drag the track onto it and release it.

  • My song is in a loop - how do I get out of the loop?

    1. If you are not in the Loop Mode (see screenshot below), drag the finger down anywhere on the board to reveal it.

    2. Select the track that is currently playing.

    3. On the right you will see the loop that is active. Grab it with your finger and drag to the left. When you release it, the loop will no longer be active and the track will continue to play.

  • How to play multiple copies of one track simultaneously?

    You can not have two instances of the same track with same settings present on the board because if you would change loops of one it would change the loops of the other automatically - and that is not necessary what you want.

    There is a way to put two copies of the same track on the board though:

    1. Create a new playlist

    2. Drag your track from the iTunes Library to that playlist as many times as you like.

    3. Voila - you can now use all these tracks as separate items with own loops and other settings.

    New copies