How to play multiple copies of one track simultaneously?

You can not have two instances of the same track with same settings present on the board because if you would change loops of one it would change the loops of the other automatically - and that is not necessary what you want.

There is a way to put two copies of the same track on the board though:

1. Create a new playlist

2. Drag your track from the iTunes Library to that playlist as many times as you like.

3. Voila - you can now use all these tracks as separate items with own loops and other settings.

New copies of tracks will not use double storage space as they only exist in the Stereosun playlists.

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Hi Thomas,

here is a tutorial about loading tracks to the board:

I also made a video that shows how you can load two instances of the same tracks, if this is the problem. You can check it out here:


No, you can't post any tracks, they won't show up on the board.