audiobus support

Hi I'm interested in your app. Do you have plans to implement audiobus and audio copy in future versions?

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An update: we are currently researching options on how to integrate Audiobus with the Superpowered SDK that we use for sound. As a DJ app our main focus was on the iTunes Sharing and iTunes Library. If the SDK supports the integration, we will go ahead with it.

Hi, I'm also interrested in superpowered sdk/audiobus integration. Have you find any answer now ? 

Kolargon yes, Audiobus is integrated as an output options. We have plan to include multiple inputs. Currently working on Deezer integration.

Hi! Thanks for your interest in our app!! 

We are currently in a very early stage so we still have a bunch of user interface tweaks and other improvements ahead of us so we did not put these two on the roadmap yet. However, we will definitely put them on the table for future versions - they would be very useful. We will do some research and discuss the options of integration.