Saving Set-Up?

Hi, hope you're not getting annoyed with all my questions ;) but, I'm new to DJ apps and StereoSun is the first one I've found that comes close to meeting my own needs. 

My question is, how do I save a complete set up? I know I can move tracks into a playlist, and I can record a session and save that too. But, what if I want to save the layout/setup? 

Let's say I have 6 loop tracks on the StereoSun "stage" and I've got various filters linked to individual tracks, and/or multiple tracks all linked to the same filter, etc. How do I save that arrangement to come back to later, so that I can start with a fresh one?


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No problem, sorry for a little late reply, I had a gig on saturday and was out for two days now.

Stereosun saves tracks settings (loops, bpm, eq settings etc), playlists, recordings. If you quit the app, it also saves the current set-up. 

Due to a smaller amount of tracks (up to 6) on the board we did not find necessary to save the set up as it can be arranged pretty fast. 

In what use case would this come in handy? Can you tell me more what you are doing (like creating new loops from existing loops, playing a live set or something, etc.?), so I cantrying to understand the wider context.