How to make entire clip/track loop?


I see that I can designate loop lengths from 1-32 and also set a cue point. But what if I have a longer track, let's say 90secs that after it plays, I'd like it to keep looping? If I set a cue point at the beginning of the track, it plays all the way through once. Is there a way I can have it replay automatically once it plays through once, without having to chop it down to 32?


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I think we didn't do this because the lenght of the song doesn't necessarily have a "correct" bar number and the loop for the whole song would be triggered in the wrong place most of the time (at least on the default play-on-1st bar option).

Hmmm... so you're saying it won't do that. 

I can see how that likely would be favorable in a "DJ" scenario, but in the way I'm using it... not so much, ie. I'm creating 3 or 4 ambient soundscapes, loading them up in StereoSun and basically using StereoSun as a live mixer with the ambient soundscapes as sort of instruments. 

I guess I could just make the soundscapes longer to give me more time, but it'd be cool if I could just set them to auto-restart/loop play after they've played all the way through one time.