Is there a Manual?

Hi, I just bought your app and like it... but I'm not a DJ and not familiar with a couple of the icons in theapp. I've figured out most of it intuitively, but I don't know what the icon that looks like a magnet at the bottom of screen on the loop edit page is for. What is that for?

Also, there's an icon that looks like it turns on/off something.. it's on the left side of loop edit screen and looks like a donut with a cross in it. What is that for?

Thanks, like I said... I'm not a DJ, but I've been playing with DJ apps to mess with my loops for more tactile control in more interesting interfaces. Loving Stereosun so far. :)

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sorry but there is currently no manual. :( There are some tutorial videos here:


But I understand they may lack some detail.

That magnet is for snapping your loops to the grid. So for example, if you create a Loop by tapping on A button on top, by default it will snap to the grid of the track (the beat, basically). If you then turn off the magnet and try to move the loop right or left you will see that you can also place it between the grid lines. That is bascially it. I normally leave this turned on (for electronic music) and adjust the 1st beat instead (tap that icon that says 1ST BEAT). If you do that, the whole grid moves, along with your loops.

About the donut with the cross - it manages the press behaviour of the loop or cue point. If you turn it on for a loop it will go from the beginning each time you press it and it will ignore the 1 bar play-on-cue. On the other hand, if you turn it off (default), each loop will wait for the next bar to play and will stop when you press it.

Hope this helps! We dig that you like the app! Please feel free to ask any questions about how to use the app or about the workflow. I will be more than glad to answer!

Oh cool. Thanks! I'd already figured how the magnet, snapping to grid part, but the donut one had me baffled. 

Yes, like I said... I'm not a DJ nor am I interested in that... but as a tactile control of loops and tracks, I'm REALLY loving your approach. Cheers :)