New version is out - includes AudioBus, AudioCopy and Dropbox.

We've released the latest 1.4 version of Stereosun. Here is a full list of features with new ones coming your way.

New features:

○ Add new tracks from your Dropbox
○ Paste audio files via AudioCopy
○ Reroute your output via AudioBus

Other features:

○ A new approach to DJing and live performance for producers
○ Up to 6 playing tracks
○ One gesture volume and FX control
○ Combinations of different effects (Delay, Reverb, Roll, HightPass, LowPass and Flanger)
○ Automatic Beat/Tempo Detection
○ Integrated Auto-Gain
○ Pitch Bend & Tempo Control
○ On-The-Fly Loops & CUEs
○ Multiple track synchronisation
○ Integrated iTunes Library and iTunes File Sharing
○ Adjustable Beat Grid for Perfect Syncing
○ Adjustable Effect Parameters
○ Adjustable Pitch with Unchanged Tempo
○ Load samples and play them as you would on a drum machine
○ Adjustable positions of Loops on the waveform
○ Create, arrange and sort your playlists
○ Loops, Playlists and other settings are saved for your next sessions
○ Record your sets and save them to iTunes File Sha

Have fun!

2 replies

np, just left 5 star review in the Australian store.

Much appreciated!

Excellent update, extremely easy to use and powerful app. Cheers.

Thanks a lot Tony. We will do our best in the future!